Bernard Michael Tostanowski III

The Coffee & Donuts Mission

Ever since I was a child, I was hooked. Coffee, coffee, coffee! I couldn’t get enough. Everyone found me to be a strange kid growing up. I remember distinctly when I was seven. One night our family went out to eat at ahem…Olive Garden. The server as usual greeted us and asked if he could start us off on drinks. He went around the table jotting in his little notebook the requested beverages. Then he came to me, “coffee please!” with a smile on my face. He turned to my mom with an awkward and confused look on his face. She just gawked back at him.

Since that day, my main goal in life was to learn more about coffee. I realized at a young age that it would be very hard to make a living off of this delicious beverage so luckily I had an equal passion, Baking & Pastry Arts. I write this blog to day to unite two of my three passions is life. Thus we have “Coffee & Donuts.”

I am always learning about coffee and continuing my education with Baking & Pastry Arts and this blog is just as much as a learning tool for me as it is for you. I learn with every recipe I try and will convey every success and every failure with you, my readers. I am a very true and honest blogger, always looking for great ideas!

DISCLAIMER: The man sitting behind this computer as we are typing does not have a formal education in Enlish Literature of Writing. I do this beacause I love it and for fun. Please don’t harasses me if I don’t yues koreckt grammer.

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