Bernard Michael Tostanowski III

Lychee Infused Vodka

In Alcohol on July 24, 2009 at 12:40 AM


A few weeks ago I had my first taste of a fresh lychee. The flavor was so unique, I couldn’t get enough. Being the lush that I am, I immediately thought of making my own lychee flavored vodka. I’ve tried Kai Lychee Flavored Vodka before and as less than impressed. I really couldn’t distinguish a lychee taste in the vodka and it left me wanting a more fragrant, fruity vodka.

I began with one of my favorite vodkas, Russian Standard. Fresh lychees are extremely hard to find here in Orlando but are very easy to find online. A great resource for buying the Canned Lychees is Aroy-D is one of the larger producers of canned lychees. A typical 2o ounce can contains only about 8 ounces of fresh lychees; the remaining weight is syrup.

Lychee Infused Vodka167932091_454322795f

  • 250 ml Neutral Vodka
  • 16 oz Canned Lychees (About 24)
  • 1 Whole Vanilla Bean
  • Gallon Sized Glass Container
  1. Drain lychees if using canned. If you have fresh available, be sure to peel entirely and remove the pit. Place in the bottom of a glass jar, mason jar, or any other glass container with a tight fitting seal or lid.
  2. Rinse and dry the vanilla bean. This is to remove any loose vanilla seeds if you want a vodka with exceptional clarity.
  3. Place the whole vanilla bean in the jar and pour vodka over. Seal tightly an let sit at room temperature for 37 days. Be sure the jar is out of direct sunlight.
  4. Wait. I know this is tough but it will be worth it in the long run. Trust me. I found it best to put the jar in the very far back of an under the counter cabinet so it would be out of sight. Sometimes I would crack and end up bringing the jar out of its sheltered environment and caress it or fall asleep next to it at my night stand. Again, this is very tough but after the first 30 days you can crack the seal and take peek.
  5. You can use your own discretion when deciding if you want it to infuse a little longer. I found that 37 days fit me perfectly. Of course the vodka did not last till day 38, so I’m not sure when the infusion reaches a point at which it doesn’t get any more flavorful.
  6. I didn’t go through the fuss of clarifying it further through filters of any kind but again you could definitely do so. I served mine almost frozen in martini glasses with one whole lychee at the bottom of each. The vanilla bean is totally optional but It really seemed to help round out the flavor of the lychee and make it a more comforting drink.

I also experimented with different shots and one of my new favorites is .75 oz of lychee infused vodka and .25 oz of creme de framboise. Cheers!


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